Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Short Sale Negotiated in Less Than 30 Days!!!

Well, the old stigma associated with selling homes where the owner(s) is upside down on his or her mortgage, otherwise known as a SHORT SALE, could be fading into the distance. Just today I successfully negotiated a short sale with a top industry bank in UNDER 30 days. We listed it - a week later we had a contract - and 2 weeks later both trusts agreed to sell at over $200K BELOW what the owner(s) owed on both mortgages combined. So, it can be done! Call me today at 703-400-6757 for more info on how we can help you or someone you know avoid foreclosure! Also, visit our website at www.JenniferYoungHomes.com for more info on my team and what we're all about.