Monday, April 09, 2007

HGTV's 10 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home

HGTV lists ten ways to increase the value of a home. Watch the videos here.

Here's a summary I put together of each video:

1. Plan out your remodel. Make sure you balance what you want and what you need so that your remodel doesn't get out of hand.

2. Keep all projects manageable, tackle only one room at a time.

3. Improvements to both d├ęcor and fixtures can increase the value of your home. Updated furniture and fixtures show buyers an inviting atmosphere.

4. A clean, clutter-free place not only feels good, it can mean dollars in your pockets when selling a home.

5. Curb appeal counts. Small inexpensive changes to the outside of a home create excitement and interest for buyers.

6. Updated kitchens translate into the maximum return on your money when selling a home.

7. Beautify your bath; minor bathroom remodels will yield major returns.

8. Evaluate your needs. Compare the costs of remodeling your current home vs. buying a new one. Some projects might not need to be tackled.

9. Hire a certified home inspector. You don’t want to run into any unexpected challenges when fixing your home, think of it as a check-up for your home.

10. Paying down the principle on your mortgage now will mean cash in your pocket at closing.

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