Wednesday, July 25, 2007

HGTV’s Top Ten Ways to Make Buyers Bite

I was looking at HGTV’s website and found this article. Here is my quick summary:

1. Nice Entryway. Make sure your house is a pleasure to walk into. Fresh paint on a door, or setting up a sitting area can create an entryway which will catch any buyer’s eye.

2. Hardwood Floors. They never go out of style and everyone wants them. Consider using Pergo floors as a cheaper alternative.

3. Fabulous Fixtures. Fixtures are the little touches which can make a house immeasurably more attractive. Update your sink or the knobs on your cabinets for a more modern, put-together look.

4. Beautiful Baths. Even if you don’t have the newest features, such as a steam shower, updating the mirror and lighting can make your bathroom soar above the rest.

5. Counter Intelligence. Avoid grout lines and try to go for granite or Corian countertops. People want updated countertops, so try to steer away from tile or laminate.

6. Steel This Idea. Stainless steel appeals to the mass because it reflects a commercial kitchen, which makes people believe they are great cooks. Most importantly, your kitchen should follow a cohesive pattern, instead of just focusing on putting in stainless steel appliances.

7. Pre-Organized Closets. Just as with the kitchen, pre-organized closets and cabinets can make a buyer feel that they themselves are a better homemaker. Organization calms people, so try to make sure your closets, cabinets, and pantries are highly organized.

8. Light Up. Make sure your house has plenty of light so the buyer doesn’t have to try to figure out how to brighten the place up. Consider installing recessed lighting.

9. Built-In Bonus. Built-ins can be seen as free furniture. Some people may not find them appealing, however, so consider trying furniture or shelves which look built-in, but are not.

10. Grass is Greener. Don’t put in a concrete patio or a rock garden. Families with children will want the flat open yard.

Bonus Tip: Make your house feel homey when there is an open house. Don’t be afraid to stage the house by renting furniture if yours does not cut it.

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