Sunday, November 30, 2008

Website Marketing Pays Off!

Last year our team decided to pump up our marketing and built a website at . I crunched our numbers on our website today and found out that our numbers have doubled just in the last month due to changes in how we market the featured listings. The reason I can do this is because MegaAgent has a Traffic Stats option that shows you where your visitors are coming from and where they're going after they're done. It also shows you visits by day, month, region and so on. This then allows me to see what marketing campaigns are working and why. Here's what I've seen happening with my website:
November 2008 1,864 Visits Total
126 from Craigslist
57 from Google
49 from
10 from
11 from (These were just the familiar places)
October 2008 683 Visits Total
49 from Google
38 from
8 from
As you can see, the hits jumped big time and the referring URL's changed as well. Here's what we did different:
1) Included a hyperlink in Craigslist listings (prebuilt in Postlets) that takes viewers straight to
my featured listings.
2) Included a website link in all Postlets listings.
3) Started Blogging again on Twitter, Active Rain and Blogger and updated all my info.
4) KEEPING my website - price changes, closings, under contract updates, etc. UPDATED on a
daily basis so the return visitors will keep coming as well.

I'm always up for more info if anyone else has more ideas. Good Luck to you in your marketing efforts!

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