Friday, February 19, 2010

Home Sale Prices End '09 on Upswing

The average price of a house ended 2009 on a positive note, according to the latest government figures.
The average price of new and used houses sold in the country’s 32 largest metropolitan markets rose 1.3% in December, from $298,200 to $302,100, the Federal Housing Finance Agency reported.
While the increase is hardly one to jump up and down about, it was the largest gain recorded in the agency’s quarterly survey in several years. But proving once again that all real estate is truly local, the average was all over the ballpark in the 32 areas covered in the FHFA study.
The nation’s capital is now the fifth most expensive place in the country to buy a house. Still, the average in the Washington-Baltimore region barely moved the needle in the fourth quarter, rising a scant 0.4%, from $444,300 a year ago to $449,000 when 2009 came to a close. Not a huge jump, but it’s positive none the less. For info on more states involved in the FHFA survey, go to .
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